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I came to writing as therapy, a way to coalesce my thoughts and emotions into something tangible. The themes I explore are from my own lived experience as well as the stories that have intersected mine. My work is grounded in existentialist concepts, interweaving feminist themes inspired by growing up in the Appalachian south.

I’m a recently published author passionate about storytelling and unearthing the emotions we hide deep within ourselves. My process is experimental and ever-evolving because, to me, writing is a living, breathing, embodied practice.

When I’m not writing fiction, I can be found writing code. I wanted to create this space to share more about myself, connect with other creatives, and help authors tell their own story through a strategic online presence.

I hope that you’ll join me in the journey,

Lenore Robinson
Embodied Writing

What To Expect

Writing Process

Writing prompts, exercises, and innovative approaches to include experiential writing into your process.

Behind the Scenes

Step behind the desk of a published author writing her first novel, from drafting to the indie store bookshelf.

Building Your Platform

Learn how to tell your author story through your website from a professional web developer.

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